Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

So Dee likes to listen to audio books. Yes so do I (Stephen Fry's Harry Potter versions are my favourites) but I prefer the dvd's. I have watched these two more times than I care to remember. I don't really watch them anymore, just listen to them, knowing what's coming next, anticipating the next scene. I love Pride and Prejudice. Or is it just Mr Darcy I love?
But now here's the thing, Who makes the better Elizabeth? For me it has to be Keira, she seems much more 'believable' (and so much less make up!). In fact, I prefer all the goodies from this version (although Bingley should not have red hair) and the baddies are much better in the BBC version. Mr Collins and Lady Catherine a la BBC are just so horrible they're brilliant. And Jullia Sawalha's Lydia is inspired.
But Mr Darcy? Oh Mr Darcy. Heavy sigh. I love them both. Colin Firth is so very much the English Gentleman, whilst Matthew Macfadyen is so misunderstood, I just want to beat Elizabeth up and tell her to stop arsing around. He loves you woman - are you blind?
So who's it to be? Jennifer or Keira? Colin or Matthew? Come on all you lurkers, show yourselves - decide!


Working Mom Knits said...

*deeeeeep siiiighhhhh*
Kira and Colin, dreamy; my fav version - *sighs again and clicks over to Netflix to add it to the queue*

ps: you are totally right about the BBC baddies.

Emily said...

I love ALL the BBC actors better than the new version. In my college English department Colin Firth was definitely the "it" boy. Hmm, I think it's about time to watch Pride & Prejudice again... :)

Anonymous said...

Matthew and Keira- definately!!! Wanting Colin is like having a crush on my father... not ok!!!

Sussex Yorkie said...
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Sussex Yorkie said...

I'll get my speeling right this time. Colin Firth definitely but I have yet to see Kiera's version. Will put that on the shopping list.

Sussex Yorkie said...

Spelling, I'm doomed.

Dee said...

Oooh, here's where I get my revenge on you, cat hating lady.

I absolutely loathed the Keira Knightley version of P&P, I thought both leading characters were appallingly miscast, and neither had the screen presence or charisma needed for the part. Keira Knightley acts like her main aim is to show as many teeth as possible. I can't bear her. Matthew Macfayden was good in that Anthony Trollope series (The Way We Live Now) but is nowhere near attractive enough to play Darcy.

Anonymous said...

Colin, definitely. Elisabeth, probably. (There's just something about Keira...not only in this movie, either...that turns me off..).


picperfic said...

oh dear...Kiera is such a different sort of girl, I love her elegance. I also love Julia Sawalha and her nutty sister! MMmmmmm Colin Firth but then Matthew...sorry I can't decide!

Jacqueline said...

I'm with Dee I can't bear Keirs all teeth and breathy, in everything she does eg four weddings. BC version protrays Elisabeth just as Austen wrote her. Also the Keira version has the Bennets living like pigs and as for those mad camera moves! I can't see the point of (re)making a period drama if you don't capture the period