Monday, June 4, 2007

Roses round the door

I wish you could smell this rose. It's beautiful. On its own, the scent is gentle, but when you get the whole plant, it simply oozes delicious rosy wafts all over the garden. We planted this (it's called City of York if you're at all interested) a couple of years after we moved in this house, which means it's now 8 years old. It is so lovely, we bought another one to go on the other side of the corner - you can just see the flowers starting to peep out.
Our house is about 200 years old, and at this time of year I love everything about it, the garden, the coolness of the solid walls, all the light coming through the windows, the quirky little steps dotted around the inside. We shan't think about the damp autumn days just yet...
We have done a lot of work to get it looking like this, when we first moved in, the front garden was a massive rockery - this turned out to be the old roof with a bit of top soil and a few plants stuck on. We cleared 8 tonnes of rubble from the front - the back was something else! Undiscovered jungle comes to mind!
We've had huge problems and huge bills, but it's been worth it. I love our house. And I always dreamed of having roses round the door.


Sussex Yorkie said...

City of York, you couldn't lose! But then i am slightly bisaed, must look out for that one.

julie said...

What a beautiful rose bush - it looks so welcoming. The rest of the front garden looks gorgeous too. I love the green and white against the side our your beautiful home. It's nice when dreams come true, I'm glad you've got your roses - they're perfect.

picperfic said...

oh your house looks so lovely..I will have to visit you soon. I am one step closer to my dream home but i just one one more stepping stone to get there!