Sunday, June 17, 2007

Being English...

Would you just look at this sky - taken yesterday afternoon. Blimey o'Reilly, there was some rain that came down from this cloud. We were OK but some parts of the country had flooding. We are very low-lying here in the Fens, but thanks to a clever Dutch man a few hundred years ago the dikes take care of a lot of the water. We have had so much rain in May and June and not a drop was shed in April.

Regarding weather, I am very English. When it's hot, I want it to be cold so I can wear my thick woolly jumpers, and when it's cold, I want it to be hot so I can wear a t-shirt. It is rarely ever right. At 41, I am already a grumpy old woman!

But I love rain in the summer. I love splashing in puddles, with or without wellies. I love walking in the rain with a brolly, listening to the drops on the tight fabric. I love watching the streams of water coursing down the road, pouring down the drainpipes, cleaning the dust and dirt from the sun-baked ground. And I always sing Chris de Burgh's 'Summer Rain' as I'm watching it. Very badly!

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Di said...

I'm Scottish and agree completely with your analysis of UK weather and how it impacts on our psychi! But I would like the sun to come out sometime this summer - and am worrying that the 2 weeks of sun in April was summer and we are now moving directly through autumn to winter in July!!!

Love the photo by the way!!