Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scrappy Cabins

Have you seen the Scrappy Cabin Challenge at Melly and Me? I've been having a go, sadly ignoring the knitting for a few days and giving my undivided attention to the sewing machine and the iron. I've never done patchwork in this way before and I'm hooked now! I've got loads of material just waiting to become little cabins.

It's that 'starting things' problem again though isn't it? I must get very easily bored. But no, I don't, I never get bored. Ever. There's far too much to do. Perhaps that's where my problem lies. I have too much to do. Advice to self - slow down, take things easy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, as if!

Kathryn (I think you ought to get yourself a blog - Warren would be in his element designing for that!) has lent me the most recent copies of Simply Knitting, and amongst them is quite the most hideous knitted thingy ever - a sort of wrap around, low neck strappy waistcoat affair. Just horrid! Does anyone actually knit things like that? What's the most hideous thing you've ever made? Are you even going to admit to it? Mine was a cardigan using the now discontinued Colinette Chrysalis. I ended up frogging it. And I never frog. It really was so bad it was embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

I love your cabin blocks! I'm intending to have a go at some of these myself this summer.

kerrie said...

i am going to pretend i didnt see them otherwise i'll become obsessed!! they look lovely. xx

Jayne said...

Log cabins are VERY addictive... I've made three quilt tops but not got around to actually quilting them! Google 'What not to knit' and check out the hilarious specimens on display!
Love your blog!!!

picperfic said...

I have full intentions of making some of these little log cabins. I am excited to be taking part in the scrappy challenge swap and even more excited to have been paired with Rosie, the 'me' bit of Mellie and Me! The sherbet bag is their pattern too and is my favourite thing to sew right now. In 1986 I knitted an enormous Patricia Roberts waistcoat made of DK mohair in bright primary fair isle puffy squares on a black background. I only ever wore it once but I so enjoyed making it. I showed Barry and said I was goint ot felt it and cut it up to make bags and cushion covers from it but he wouldn't let me. Maisie wants a bright pink/red room and maybe this would look good on a pretty hanger on the idea is growing!