Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Best Teacher

Another cake. Youngest son designed this for his teacher, so I hold no responsibility for it. When I was at school, we never bought teachers a present - I think this is an idea we have imported from America. I wish we hadn't, I would far rather have spent this evening knitting or catching up on some sleep (darling son had me awake at 3.30 again last night...) However, the cake will make a change from the vast number of scented candles and mugs, and I know this teacher is a big cake fan.
I feel like I've been on a bit of a cake splurge lately - 3 more to go in the next 9 days then I can have a rest. And blimey do I need it!
I'm getting very excited by all the comments from people who I don't know, especially those of you from far away. How many of you lurk I wonder and never tell me you're there? Do me a favour please will you, leave a comment to say hello and where you're from, and if you're feeling really co-operative, how did you find me? I'm aiming on making a map to see how far afield we all are. Tried to do one of those map things like Marianne, but failed dismally. I'd love to get comments over 9, my previous record! (But then maybe only 9 people read me - how can I tell, what's this stats thing I keep reading about?)
Still technologically inept.


Emma said...

That's a stunning cake. Lucky teacher.
I've just invested heavly in posh chocolate - two teachers and three support workers. interestingly, in my limited experience, the teachers never say thank you. Extremely galling !
You know where I'm from !

sharon said...

I am checking in - from Ontario Canada. I don't know how I linked to you.
Love your blog and the cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm a knitter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I found your site on Kerrie's Place. I just love to look at pics of cakes and country life. It's like a breath of fresh air. It's very sweet of your son to want to give his teacher such a nice gift.

Annette said...

Hi Michaela, I must admit I've been lurking from your first post after Dee posted a link, and I often come and visit after Kerrie has given you a mention too. I love seeing your cakes; that's one spoilt teacher! Flowers and a mug from my two boys for their teachers this year..

Kirsten said...

Hi Michaela, like Annette I found you through Dee. I live in Wales and blogless for the moment. Bottles of wine for the teachers this year.

Jeanette said...

I'm reading too, have done for a while, and certainly will continue to :-)
Your cakes are so amazing :-)
I can't remember how I got here the first time, probably random surfing knitblogs!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Monkee Maker said...

Hi, Monkee Maker here, from Bristol, UK. (Not very far afield I'm afraid) I saw your link on Julie's site.

I used to lurk around people's blogs but now I've got my own I realise that the bloggers don't know how people feel about what they're doing unless people comment. (So now you can't shut me up!)

Love what you're doing with those gorgeous cakes.

If you type "free stats counter" into Google you can add one to your blog. Watch out though, some of them come with adverts attached.

Monkee Maker said...

By the way, thanks for the map idea, I've just added one. Do try it again, it's quite easy, even for the technically challenged, like wot I am!

picperfic said...

hi Michaela...I can't remember how I found you! But anyway, I love your blog and your cakes and wow!! This one is stunning, lucky teacher indeed, it's too good to share but I suppose she'll feel duty bound? I'd love to see her reaction to receiving such a beautiful thing! Mind you, I haven't tasted one yet! ;^)

daisie said...

Hi Michaela
I think I found your blog via Dee, or maybe Natalie of Yarn Yard. And I think it was in the last month or so. I'm afraid I'm not very far afield at all! (perilously near, in fact!) :)

lovely cakes! the blue bead one is gorgeous!

Kathryn said...

I've been composing suitably lovely comments in my head about Bump's blanket for ages, but I don't think I could improve on W's response. Both sets of grandparents-to-be loved the blanket, and it looks wonderful hanging on the rails of the cot. Finlay has made himself comfortable in the corner of the cot.
I've been missing Knitting Club, and I've made sure that I'm knitting something at the appropriate times! We were so impressed with the 3 rows from C and I can imagine the scene when the third row was completed (how noisy did it get?!). I've completed one cardigan (pale grey), and I should finish a second one tonight (dusky blue/green cotton).
We'll let you know when Bump arrives, but if it takes after its father, it could be ten days late.... Kx