Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thank-you, I love you all!

Wowee - many thanks to you all. Lots of comments, beat my record! And everyone's from such different places, this internet lark really makes it such a small world. I tried again with the map thing, but every time I tried to copy and paste the address, the 'edit' button on the tool bar went grey and wouldn't let me do it. So I had to write the whole thing down and then type it in. So you see Monkee Maker, you are obviously far more intelligent than me! (Not difficult!)

Wonder if we've gone back to double spacing or if Blogger's still playing silly buggers!

The latest arrival of Posh came today. This is all the cashmere put together ready to cast on for Tipsy. I just love the pattern. Hope it all goes OK, I'm getting hot and cold sweats thinking about the cost of it all. It's Dee's fault. Well, hers and Mr Posh's, if he didn't dye such beautiful yarn in the most gorgeous colours, I would be quite happy just knitting away with Sirdar and Patons. They have turned me into a Yarn Snob. Incidentally, there is still one skein of that red left in Sophia 4-ply, please someone go and buy it as I can feel my resolve weakening again...

Kathryn, good to hear from you - send me an e-mail then I'll know your address rather than boring the entire world with my messages to you! Kathryn's baby is due very soon everyone - Sunday I believe - wish her luck!

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picperfic said...

my goodness M, you typed the code in? woweee, you must have the patience of a siant! Oh boy, that yarn, makes you go a bit dizzy doesn;t it...and breathe....and relax...and touch...and ooh!