Sunday, July 29, 2007

Louise's cake

I'm much happier with this cake than that hideous Ursula one. All I was told about the recipient is that she likes music (plays flute and saxophone) and is a bit wacky. Do you think this will do? I've piped the music to Happy Birthday round all the sides and done a slightly mad spray thing on top filled with coloured ribbons and musical notes. It's chocolate marble cake inside, and if the trimmings are anything to go by, it's a good cake! (Am I allowed to say that about my own cooking?)

Welsh friend has now gone home so have spent today washing and trying to relax. As well as decorating a cake. And ironing. And cooking tea. And changing the beds. And hoovering. Infact haven't managed a single bit of a relax at all! No more cakes now until September so it's knitting all the way boys and girls! Might even finish something off this holiday. Apart from Harry Potter. Yippee!


picperfic said...

that cake is so clever! I really love the way you have made the notes come alive! You are very organised with your housework...I detest housework but I love it when its done!

Piglottie said...

Your cakes are absolutely amazing! I adore the way you do the marble colouring. Simply stunning! :)

Working Mom Knits said...

It is DELIGHTFUL! One of my favs so far.

ps: we did a big clean-up this weekend as well (great minds think alike..."must clean or can't sit to knit")