Sunday, July 15, 2007

The best laid plans...

Did I really expect a 'relaxing weekend' working in the kitchen watching all those dvds and listening to all those tapes? I might have known a spanner would be put in the works somewhere along the line. Saturday was spent hoovering, dusting, acting as taxi to children, washing, baking, icing... you know the sort of day? By 9pm I felt I deserved a sit down, so sat with knitting ready to watch Bride and Prejudice on tv. Managed one row then fell asleep. I awoke to see the last 5 mins of film (was it good anyone?) then started watching another film, determined to do more knitting. The film had Denzel Washington in, was ok, bit violent, but at least managed more of Forest Canopy. But then it was 1am. What? How did that happen? OK, Michaela, bedtime.

Then at 4am, youngest son (he's 8 next month) woke me up to tell me he was awake. Go back to sleep. 4.15 am 'I'm hot and still can't sleep'. Yes you can, just close your eyes, think of something nice and you will sleep. 4.35am 'It's not working mum'. Have a drink, take duvet off, close your eyes and go to sleep. 4.55am youngest son shouts and cries 'It's not fair mum, I'm just awake and my eyes hurt'. Tired mother cries too 'JUST SHUT YOUR EYES AND STOP SHOUTING ME PERLEEEESE!'. That seemed to work.

Then in the morning (oh all you lucky people who manage a lie-in on Sunday mornings) I had to quickly put the washing out, empty dishwasher, sort breakfast, make packed lunches, tidy house and take eldest son to a football tournament, where we stayed until 4.30pm. In such a blind rush, forgot to take knitting to do in the boring parts of the day.

Returned home to find husband back from the wedding wondering what was for tea and how long would it be. So I made tea, left him with the washing up, sorted bath time, then decided to finish decorating the cake I started yesterday.

Mental note to self. Do not stay up to watch a film that finishes so late ever again. Hope your weekend was more relaxing than mine (but at least I managed to buy more Posh Yarn - shhh!)


picperfic said...

you poor thing, what a busy weekend! my children soon learned not to wake me unless it was a real emergency! What a lovely cake, that little character is so cute! Is he a policeman? and more poshyarn...Michaela!

Monkee Maker said...

Wow. I'm glad I had my weekend and not yours! I loved that Denzil Washington film, Man on Fire, although by the end of it I'd long given up with the knitting - tired fingers, tired eyes!