Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Haste...

... less speed, so my mum used to say. Why didn't I take any notice of her?

Yesterday I had half an hour for lunch so ran home from work (only 6 doors away, so don't be too impressed that I can run miles!) to grab something to eat, make tea, hang washing out, bring washing in and generally charge round like an idiot!

Eldest son was going football training so had requested a light tea of soup and crusty bread. First make soup. Grab pan, pour in a little oil, heat gently and chop some veg to go in. Arghhh! Chopped thumb by mistake. Lots of blood (fortunately not on veg). Grab plaster. As tried to grab plaster, blood dripping onto floor. Grab kitchen roll, hold tightly over cut, wipe blood from floor. Put plaster on, then another and finally a third as blood still coming through.

Back to soup. Oil is now very hot and beginning to smoke. House stinks of burning oil. Lower heat, put in chopped onions, carrots, celery and tomatoes. Make lunch (toast, all I can find with time running out).

Ooh, Postie calls with a parcel. Beautifully wrapped parcel containing all sorts of goodness from Monkee Maker. Lovely bag and pincushion and oh heck, what's that smell?

Forgot to turn heat down. Veg is now burnt black and stuck to bottom of pan. House smells really bad now. Quick, change pans, rescuing what little veg remains. Turn round quickly, pan handle disappears up sleeve, grab pan, burn fingers.

Toast burnt. Phone rings. Call centre from somewhere abroad ('please go away I'm having a very bad nervous breakdown').

Decide to give up with soup. Decide instead son can have dried bread and cheese for his light tea. Washing can remain out (it later rained).

So instead I just went for the easy option. Go back to school, look after 29 loud 4 year olds instead and worry about tea and washing later.

Monkee Maker, I love my new bag, I love my new pincushion and I love my new little zippy bag. The chocolates were the only nice thing I managed to eat at lunch time. Thank-you very much.

So please excuse the lack of little hats today - the knitting needle keeps sticking to the plasters.

And just to show you that all is well really, here's a little Family Portrait.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Is it wrong to admit to laughing.......?

wonderwoman said...

oh my goodness - poor you!! i think you mum was right!!
lovely pressies - perhaps that made up for the injuries.


trashalou said...

Really am very sorry, honest I am but must admit am tittering out loud ;-)

Pink Sky said...

Oh no - I feel so bad for you! I hope your finger heals soon. :(

Kitty said...

Oh dear :-O That's what you call a less than satisfying lunch hour. I find if I leave water in the pan overnight it usually removes all those burnt-on veggies from forgetting to turn down the heat. *blush*

Hope today was better! x

monkee maker said...

Wot no hats?? That's tragic! But I guess given the tragic circumstances we'll have to let you off.

I'm so glad you like the "stuff", and thank you for bagging me Marty :D

Talking of which .... beautiful family shot there .... but you haven't got a monkey, have you, mwah ha ha ha! (no - you can't have him back)

Hope your finger is better soon.


Cybèle said...

sorry, I laughed at the description of your lunch break. Only because it's the sort of thing I'd do too...

And *please* tell me where you found the pattern for the rabbits? I've fallen in love with the one with the stripy top with a star on it - I want I want I want...

Anonymous said...

What a bad series of misfortunes! I can't help smiling a little while reading you. Nevertheless, I am sorry for the bad finger cut. The kitchen chef must feel deprived. The bags from Monkee maker are very pretty. Take care, Michaela. xoxo


Gina said...

Some days just go like that! Sorry... I smiled out loud too. The monkee pressies obviously made you feel better!

Lesley said...

Oooh dear - my Mum used to say the same and she was right too!! It's a good job those lovely MM goodies turned up to make up for all the lunchtime disasters :)