Friday, October 24, 2008

10 good reasons

Today we have reason to be very happy at the Stash Basket. Lots of reasons really. Shall we list them?

  1. Having had a dry few weeks on the cake front, 2 have been made and completed this week.
  2. Late nights decorating cakes have meant no knitting, so tonight I can knit.
  3. Late nights decorating cakes have meant very little sleep, so tonight I can sleep.
  4. Tomorrow there is no football practice, so I can lie in and knit or read in bed in the morning.
  5. Mr Stressy has gone to Wales for a party so I can slob about all day and not worry about housework.
  6. I've started soaking the fruit for the Christmas Cakes.
  7. Next week is half term - yippee, a whole week of rest and relaxation (remind me I said that will you?)
  8. We had pizza for tea tonight followed by banana splits, with chocolate ice cream, strawberries and hot chocolate sauce.
  9. Once I have surfaced tomorrow, I'm going to make marmalade which is one of my most favourite things to make.
  10. There is a family sized bar of Crunchie Dairy Milk in the cupboard with my name on it....
Oh lots of reasons to be happy today. If you're feeling stressed tomorrow, do call in, we'll be chilling in style here.


Working Mom Knits said...

Indeed! Sounds like a four-star vacation to me : )

Gina said...

They sound like ten fantastic reasons to be happy! Enjoy your lie in tomorrow!

wonderwoman said...

sounds all good to me!!! hope you have a lovely lie in!!!and a great weekend.


trashalou said...

If the traffic is with me I should be there about ten. I don't hog the duvet very much but I do like a nice firm pillow. Do you have a preference for trashy gossip mags or shall I just buy the lot??

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds perfect! I'm going to enjoy my weekend even more than usual having been at work!

Lucy x

Lisa Isaacs said...

Gorgeous cakes - especially the second one. I love the scenery round the side. Have a nice, peaceful weekend.

Lesley said...

Oooh it all sounds perfect! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)