Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hand writing

I have started doing some extra hours in school, helping some children write. I have so far covered the circular type letters (c, a, d, g, o) and b, e and t. They are naturally going to get bored writing out 'dog' and 'goat' endlessly, so I need your help. Can you come up with any simple short sentences using lots of these letters? I'm sure you can manage something far more exciting than 'go get a dog', which I'm not keen on as the grammar is not right!

I have so far only worked a total of 2 hours with each child and already the improvement is huge. Scribbly, illegible writing has turned into neat, correctly formed letters. To see their faces when they can tell it's going well makes my job all the more worth while.

I love my job and am so lucky to have it. And I even get to teach some of them knitting too! (Starting a sentence with 'and' - who was complaining about bad grammar?)


trashalou said...

How about ' Hop on top of a hog'
or 'Ron ran fast'. Hmm.. I shall think now.

Is it possible to personalise the sentences?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

"can dogs and cats cook cakes like Michaela?"

Me xxx

wonderwoman said...

it must be great to get such results so quickly and feel like you are really helping.

right, a sentence, let me see all dogs bark... do goats bleat!
shut the gate or the dog will get out!

sorry - its been a long day - as you can probably tell!


Hat said...

Could they manage "Innocent smoothies need hats"?.

quinn said...

How old are the children? If quite young, I might try silly little questions that may suggest silly little answers. Hopefully with many round letters :)
"Does a bee wear a coat?"
"Only on a boat."

Nonsense things :)

Jodie said... about. "do not poo on the boat"
sorry but kids love a bit of toilet humour!!

Crobbles said...

Back in the days when I was teaching, I would give the children a selection of words containing the letters to practice, then ask them to come up with funny sentences of their own.
There is a CGP book for practicing handwriting, which could give you some starting points. I think it's aimed more at KS2 though.

Lesley said...

My Monster really struggles with his handwriting (and spelling) whereas his younger sister is the best writer and speller in her class! Trying to make him write anything is like pulling teeth.
We have a workbook now though but it's very dry - may have to try your sentences to make it more fun

How about 'Can a dog dance the can can on the moon? No but a cat can.' - er...maybe not...