Saturday, October 18, 2008

How much?

Now come on everyone, you didn't honestly expect me to own up how much I spent did you really? All I'm saying is that Mary Deb, you were very close (and quite honestly it seems an awful lot of money for just 15 skeins of yarn, one tape measure and a few buttons) being just 78p out. Damn, looks like I've told you now. £120.78. Just don't tell Mr Stressy OK?

Trashy, I so wish I could have spent that much. Infact in my dreams I did spend that much (the second guess) so perhaps I'll send you something too.

So Mary Deb and Trashy, send me your addresses and I'll see what I can find. Oh and Warren, I think I got it, you mean I have to send £1 to St Dunstan's for each guess? OK then, money on its way right now.

Come back later for Saturday Pudding. Haven't decided yet what it's going to be!


trashalou said...

You finished to soon. I was going to guess exactly that amount next! Curses.......

Mary deB said...

Wowee! I see my name!
It's not so much money, considering your restraint for the past months. And think of the entertainment value!

I've sent you an e-mail with my address. Thanks!

wonderwoman said...

gosh - didn't spend much then!!!
but we definitely don't tell hubbys!!


warrenincolne said...

My, you were restrained!

As for the £1/guess, you know perfectly well that I meant the guessers to pay, not you.

And finally, we popped into Sew Creative, in Cambridge, today and they now stock Noro. There's a whole bookcase-style shelf full of it. Now that your yarn diet's over, let us know if you want any picked up next time we're there.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I thought you said you'd been good!!!!

Only kidding - I think that was actually very restrained considering where you were and how long you have been on your yarn-diet!

I'm sure there must be a way for us to donate to St Dunstans for our guesses.

Lucy x

Lesley said...

Blimey missus - you were so restrained!! Or is this just a modest start to a year of outrageous yarn buying?



Bellgirl said...

I bet Vera the monkey enjoyed the muffins iand ice-cream!

BTW I've linked to your blog in the latest issue of the Blogtoberfest blog crawl: see

Happy Blogtober!