Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Pudding.

This was supposed to be today's pudding. No, let me re-phrase that. This was today's pudding. The only thing is that by the time I took its photo, all that was left was this

Steamed hot chocolate pudding with chocolate fudge sauce. Only several billion calories per portion and well worth the expanding waistline!

Oh and I sent 74 hats off yesterday to Innocent. But don't worry Warren, only 20 of them were made by me - mum and my neighbours have helped out with the rest.

I'm off now to watch Merlin - anyone else like it? So much better than Robin Hood (where Guy of Gisborne was the only half decent thing and Marion got killed off - I ask you, haven't these people ever read their story books? Marion does not die, Robin Hood is gorgeous and Friar Tuck is there from very early on!). But Merlin is still not a patch on Doctor Who. Not a patch I tell you.

And whilst on the subject of TV, did you see Lost In Austin? I loved it! Alex Kingston was the best Mrs Bennett I've ever seen (wasn't she great as Moll Flanders too?). So funny and so different. I'm a big Pride and Prejudice fan - go on, own up, is there anyone out there who hasn't read it? Apart from you Kathryn - I presume you've started it by now yes?


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow to the hats!!! And the pudding too!

Have to disagree with you about Robin Hood though - we all loved it and I thought Robin was quite cute in a slightly annoying way I 'spose.

I haven't got into Merlin yet but the girls like it (Fred is a bit scared so that's his time to play on the computer!)

I think you should take a sickie on 14th Nov and come to London anyway!

Lucy x

Merry Mog said...

That pud looks seriously great. I'm drooling. The hats are brill. You must have found it difficult to part with them. I'm doing 3small tea cosy orders at the moment. I also hate how script writers have the arrogance to change original plot, characters etc as also in the recent Poirot. Mx

Anonymous said...


I am very impressed by your little hats population... they've multiplied by magic (!) and by your in-depth knowledge of UK TV programs which are absolutely new to me (and will remain for a while as I have presently no TV at home). Your Saturday pudding looks heavenly tasty.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

The pudding looks fab. Have you tried Nigella's Flourless Brownies yet? You should. Everyone should. ;-)

As for Lost in Austen - meh. Neither my daughter nor I (both big Austen fans) thought it was any good. We gave up watching after the second episode.

wonderwoman said...

well you could have saved me some!!
well done on the hats - i've done 4 so far!!
i think Merlin is gonna get better and better and is sooo much better than robin hood.
As for lost in austen - as i love the original book so much i thought i might not like this version, but i did, it was brilliant!


Gina said...

Wow! That looks like a pudding worth the calories! Impressive collection of hats... I suppose I should post my half dozen!

trashalou said...


I confess here before you all - I have never read 'Private Hedges' (as my then 6 yo niece named it).

While not quite as deathly dull as Hardy (and one day I shall be drummed from the county for saying that) Austen does not fill me with great delight and joy.

Apologies to all who love her works and all but 'scuse me me Missus please can I have some of next week's Saturday pudding?

monkee maker said...

Ok, so you and I differ on our choices of TV/film material .... I've not seen any of the programmes you mention here, and still your enjoyment of Will Ferrell amazes me (plus I watched Enchanted -finally- this weekend and loved it!), but at least we can agree on the subject of knit ...

Hearty congrats on the astounding total of 74 hats between you and your family/friends. I accidentally clicked on the Innocent link when I was coming here (wine may have been involved) and your hats are SO going to be hat of the week. For weeks!!


Penny said...

Once you get past all the historical anachronisms, Merlin is quite fun. But don't you get the feeling that it was written by a group who had never actually seen or read any Arthurian legends before?