Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh it was good, so very good...

Our arrival at Ally Pally was marked by the most enormous knitting that Vera had ever seen. It was much bigger than anything she had ever seen me making and was suitably impressed.

Then there was this freeform crochet hyperbolic coral reef. Or something like that anyway. It was very pretty and Vera pretended she was a fish swimming in the ocean currents.

And then we went in. I felt like running up and down shouting 'I'm home everyone, I'm back, did you miss me?' It was all glorious and in my very humble opinion, the best one yet for knitters. There was so much yarn, so much knitting. In fact it was all so wonderful that I only took this one picture.

Our favourite stand was Habu Textiles. Incredible fine Japanese yarn and we wanted to make every garment on display. The thing we really liked though was a mohair jumper made with only a few ounces of yarn. Beautiful - but they'd sold out of the colours we liked. So it's off to Internet land now...

Shilasdair Yarns was also a lovely place to visit - silk and cashmere in colours like you wouldn't believe.

Oh and you know I said that if you saw me and Vera to say Hello? Well someone did - read my blog in the morning and saw me so said hello. It really surprised me that complete strangers read here. But I have one question Minxxy - was it really you? I thought you had red hair (or is that just a very old photo?

We had a great day all in all and were absolutely shattered by the end - poor Vera was exhausted and just needed a lie down!

But anyway, onto my shopping. Here we have a skein of Hipknits wool and silk (oh so soft) which has already been cast on into a Swiss Cheese Scarf.

Noro Kochoran to make a very nice little tanktop - slightly annoyed by this purchase though as have since found it for half price on the net. (Could have saved £24 - ouch!)

I did of course cast on as soon as I got home!

And more Noro - silk garden this time to make Klaralund with. The colours look a bit horrid here, but they don't seem that ugly in real life. Honestly!

And how could I resist this tape measure in the shape of a cake. Wish now I'd bought 2 of these as this one is ear-marked for mum's Christmas present from one of the boys.

And just in case you thought I'd forgotten Saturday Pudding, fear not. Here's chocolate mousse (which was actually Sunday Pudding, got back too late to cook on Saturday - tea had been put in the slow cooker at 6.30 am and I made use of the timer on the oven - chili and jacket potatoes)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well it sounds like you had a really fantastic time - I'm so pleased! So how many garments have you cast on since you got back then?

Locket xxx

wonderwoman said...

oooh what lovely scrummy yarn - such fantastic colours , am well envious - i love shilasdar, they do beautiful yarn - would love the see the scarf you are going to knit!
i dont know how you do it - all that shopping and pudding too!!


trashalou said...

Am greatly impressed by Vera's imagination. 'Thinks she is a fish on the ocean currents' (shales head in amazement and walks away).

Lesley said...

Oooh what gorgeous yarns Michaela!! Vera looks very well behaved and how lovely that she got to meet one of her fans :)

I'm amazed that you managed to fit in a fab day at Ally Pally with cooking a meal too!! They'd have been left with a few crumbs and enough money for a bag of chips if it was me!


quinn said...

I am living vicariously through yarn-shopping bloggers these days...thanks!

My advise on the NK: buy loads more on the net, til the per-skein price averages out to almost equal.

Genius, eh? ;)

Penny said...

A small, but perfectly formed, collection of new stash there.

Funnily enough, there weren't any monkeys on the crochet reef when I saw it.

monkee maker said...

Oooh, lots of lovely yarn goodness here. I'm glad you put Vera in that first picture for scale purposes or I'd never have believed how HUGE that knitting was!

Shame about your Noro but I think Quinn's idea is excellent!


ps. Please could you attend to that monkees mouth STAT! A couple of thumbs forced vigorously either side of her mouth should do it. Thank you.

kleinzonnetje said...

Hello! I've been in the Netherlands attending a family funeral, so couldn't comment earlier - but it was me who said Hello! - Maxine...! Glad you had a good day - I'm in denial as to how much I spent, I'm refusing to add it up. If I don't know how much it cost, it doesn't count......