Monday, October 27, 2008

Finishing and Starting

Well, I finished Gesta - what a super quick knit that turned out to be! It's going to be my football top from now on as it's sooo warm. And at least if I wear it to football matches, it will be under a coat, so no-one can see how enormously fat it makes me look! Have lots of yarn left over so will make a hat to keep my head and ears warm at said matches. Hmm, will it make my head look fat I wonder? But as anyone who's stood at the side of a football pitch in the winter will tell you, providing you're warm, fashion is the last thing on your mind!

Remember all the Noro Silk Garden I got from Ally Pally? Well it was going to be turned into Klaralund, but when I actually looked properly at the pattern, I decided it was a baggy, shapeless style which would just not look good on me (ie I'd look pregnant, perish the thought). So cue a couple of hours on Ravelry and look what I found.

I am loving this pattern so much more - the thing about Noro is that it grows very quickly because you just want to see what the next colour will look like. Which is probably a good job as my next cast on has already been decided and am hoping to get the yarn from here at the next sale in a fortnight. (I narrowly missed out on last night's sale).

But really, I shouldn't be casting on anything else should I? I still have mum's second diamond patch sock to do for Christmas as well as all the other Christmas knitting. But never mind eh, startitis is very hard to ignore once it takes hold.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm astounded, as ever, by how quickly and cleverly you make everything! How do you do it????

Lucy x

Working Mom Knits said...

When I grow up I want to be a knitter just like YOU!

Lesley said...

Oh wow Michaela - you are such a star knitter!! I love the pattern you've found for the Noro....have you finished it yet ;-)


wonderwoman said...

lovely knits and i definitely agree on the startitis front!!


Mary deB said...

Is that pattern called Rosedale? I was thinking of that myself!

Pattie in NY said...

I made Rosedale from Kureyon a few years ago and it is a wonderful sweater/jacket. Striking, and so little finishing!