Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkins, windmills and daleks

Did you have a good Halloween then? Here are our pumpkins that we did - not one of my most favourite jobs, but you just have to do it don't you?

Sorry I've not been around all week - it's been half term and very busy. I've been knitting (more of that another day) ironing, and making curtains (something I've never done before, but in a desperate attempt to save money I had a go myself).

Oh yes, have also made marmalade and chutney too.

We went to mum and dad's for a couple of days - they took us to a place that has loads of yew trees all clipped into topiary shapes. It was really good - but very muddy - the boys loved it though! They bounced off the trees using them as vertical trampolines and we all played 'spot the shapes'.

This one was my favourite - it's a windmill, but I actually think it has the look of a dalek about it - what say you?

Exciting Update - have just been sent this link by Merry Mog - have a go, there are pressies to be won! Berocca blog relief Good luck - let me know if you win something!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh! Definitely a dalek mutant! Lucy x

trashalou said...

ooooo! that one flew straight through the time vortex unprotected, didn't it???