Monday, November 17, 2008

Socks and cake

This was my 'train knitting' on Saturday. Mum's second sock. And few ladies seemed to believe this was actually going to grow up into a sock. 'A pixie sock?' suggested someone. No way, my mum has little feet, but not that little! No, this is one of the Diamond Patch socks - quite possibly the best sock pattern known to man/womankind. You knit most of it on straight needles, not in rounds and it looks so darn difficult but is in fact so darn easy! Fiddly but easy.

I love this pattern - just to prove it will be a sock one day (hopefully some time before December 25th!) here's the first one already completed.

About a year ago, Merry Mog (sadly blogless) sent me a pattern for some little Christmas stockings so I've been playing over the weekend making these. What do you think? Whenever we decorate the tree, the chocolates disappear within days - wouldn't be the same without a few chocolates on the tree would it? So how about this for an idea - make little stockings, fill with a chocolate and re-use throughout the festive season. They're fun and quick and rather pretty I think!
Oh and here's the cake as promised. Nathan used to be a builder and he supports Luton Town FC ('The Hatters'). I piped the names of all the team round the other 3 sides.


Sorry to have missed you out Trashy. You were indeed there. It was very, um, nice (?) to meet you. Perhaps one day when I'm feeling very brave I might get to really and truly meet you. I have heard such things about you though, not sure if I'm strong enough yet...


trashalou said...

Seriously!?! What did they say!?!?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Please don't tell her Michaela!!!!

I'm still in awe over that knitting and have featured it on my blog but forgot to write about it properly because I was running out of time as I'm meant to be getting ready for Mr Locket's birthday tomorrow!

By the way, that cake is brilliant!

Lucy x

P.S. I may have difficulty photographing the fudge........!

Anonymous said...

I love your little Christmas socks. Great idea! Will mail my little squares (dk superwash merino)tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

HAve a great week with your friend Willoughby!


Gina said...

Wow! Love the little christmas stockings!

Pink Sky said...

Oh I simply love those tiny stockings - so cute!!! Is the pattern for them available anywhere?

I'm still plugging away at my little squares, I hope to mail them in sometime in the next few weeks (was there a deadline I've missed somewhere? I hope not!)

dottycookie said...

You know, you *say* the socks are easy but I'm having trouble believeing it ... maybe I should have a go, then I might. Hmmmmm.

Your cake is fab!

Merry Mog said...

I've been laid low for a few days with some awful bug so just today caught up. Thanks for the picture of the stockings. They look great. As does the cake - another wow.... and the Mum sized socks. I've never tried knitting real socks. Sent you email.

monkee maker said...

Fabulous socks and mini socks there, Michaela, and it's so lovely to see that Vera had another little trip out last weekend .... with her mouth properly intact and everything!


sharon said...

Think this is the first time I've commented on your blog although I've been reading it for several weeks. What a talented girl you are! I've been knitting socks for a while but those diamond socks are something else entirely! Could you let me know where to get the pattern and then if I can't get hold of a copy here in Australia I can ask my lovely old Mum to get it for me? Please, pretty please. Also the tiny socks for the Christmas tree ;-)

PS the cake looks lovely too.

Anonymous said...

Keep going, those diamond socks are worth it. Love the little ones too.

Marie said...

Socks with straight needles?? That sounds much more up my street. I have the DP fear you see, that's why there are no WIP socks in my WIP pile. DPs = too pointy and terrifying. I fear I might take an eye out!

Love the little Christmas stockings. Very cute.


Moogsmum said...

I just love those socks for your Mum and the little Christmas ones are gorgeous!
Not sure I dare add anything else to my ever growing list of 'Have to make it by Christmas' things!!