Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ah, Noro, how do I love thee?

Photo of knitting progress as promised. I am loving this pattern, really, really, loving it. I am also really, really loving this yarn. Unlike its cousin, Scratchy Kureyon, Silk Garden is in a different league altogether. I like the way the sleeves are the same, but not quite the same (quite intentional I assure you!). I have cast on the back and fronts (you do this all in one piece) but this is growing at a snails pace for 2 reasons - 1. the two-colour rib is slow work with 191 stitches, and 2. I keep falling asleep! Oh and 3. I keep playing at other stuff as well - scarves and socks with that Christmas deadline!

So all you Americans out there, are you as glad as me that election day has finally arrived? We just have wall to wall US politics lately and I am fed up of it all. I don't know who I would vote for, Obama looks like fun and Palin looks a bit of a fruit cake (always had a liking for fruit cake). Don't understand it all - don't want to understand it all either. Politics seems like a whole load of people arguing with each other and solving nothing. What will be, will be.

Just pass me the chocolate cake someone!

Hey, shocking news I've just heard on the radio. Remember this film? One of those feel good films where the baddies get their comeuppance and the goodies triumph over adversity. Anyway, the Karate Kid is 47 today. 47? Surely not - where did those 30 years go?


Mary deB said...

I must get hold of some Silk Garden. I overdosed once on scratchy Kureyon and have not quite recovered. Colours sure are nice!

And I really don't like fruit cake at all!

Lesley said...

Gorgeous knitting! Living in the least yarn-loving part of the UK I have yet to meet any Noro! Plenty of nice acrylic in my local wool shop though!!


Pink Sky said...

Yes so very glad it'll be over. Some people here have simply overstepped the bounds of decency in their election zeal (I plucked a presidential election sign off my front yard yesterday when I got home, for a candidate I didn't even vote for!) and the calls, text-to-landline messages, and negative campaign mail are driving me crazy. I voted early this past Saturday to avoid the crowds (and zealots!)

I'll have to try this silk garden Noro. I have a kureyon scarf I knit a while back but it is scratchy indeed... of course I attributed it to wool allergies, not the kureyon.

Kitty said...

47??? Oh. My. God. Surely that's not possible?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oooh it's looking lovely! Any news on the Great Escape to London plan????

Lucy x

Working Mom Knits said...

Sick. To. Death. Of. This. Election.

But loving the silk garden!

ps: hoping to get your squares in the mail tomorrow or Thursday. Too worn out from election coverage/re-hash of the coverage to address an envelope.