Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas cake

Well, I lasted until midnight and could stay awake no longer, so decided to be really clever and put the timer on the oven. It worked like a dream and turned off at the right time, leaving the cake to finish cooking as the oven cooled. I had to leave the extractor fan on overnight though as I really find the smell over powering (when I say 'Christmas cake' I actually meant 3 cakes - 24 eggs worth of cakes!). That too worked like a dream, leaving just a gentle aroma of fruit cakes when we woke up this morning.

Next time I go to Sainsbury's, think I'll get the mincemeat ingredients. Have you ever made mincemeat? If not, just you wait, it's one of the best and easiest things to make (and tastes delicious straight from the jar). And it looks so much more appetising than the bought stuff - probably because it is so much more appetising!

Oh, and while I was waiting for the cake to be ready last night, rather than knitting, I decided to catch up on some blog reading. I have missed a lot of late it seems. A wedding, a sparkly new piece of jewellery and a mention for me and the blankets.


Anonymous said...

Those Christmas cakes must leave such a comfy perfume in your house! I can alway smell it from here! ;) So far, I have knitted one little square for the St. Dunstan's blanket project. Hopefully, I will knit a few more squares shortly.


Marie said...

I've never made my own mincemeat before, but I'm a sucker for mince pies. Will there be recipe sharing??? I do hope so :)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I'm so impressed with your culinary abilities! I have made mincemeat and it is very yummy but Christmas cakes still scare me!

Lucy x

Merry Mog said...

I am also very impressed! I have never mastered the Christmas cake. I have already had two disasters with trials this week. My garden birds are well fed!! Mincemeat sounds interesting. Will there be a tute?

wonderwoman said...

made a christmas cake once only - decided i would get my friend to make me one as she is amazing!!