Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My mum

Mum and dad have come over today to see us and wish birthday boy a happy birthday. It has become a tradition that mum makes the boys' cakes - and that's fine by me! So here is Josh's cake. It is so light and delicious and now has considerably fewer chocolates on the top than it had when I took this photo! She's good at cakes is my mum!

As you must know by now, I work with little children - 4/5 year olds. We have a class teddy who goes on visits to their homes and on holidays with them. He is a very good teddy and is polite and well behaved.

He is also a very smart teddy - a kind lady knits him clothes now and again, sending them in parcels addressed to the bear himself. Here Willoughby can be seen modelling his latest winter clothes. A veritable riot of colour. At least he can be seen clearly in the dark!

The kind lady is of course my mum, who certainly has an eye for colour! She used every last scrap of yarn she had in the house to complete this outfit.

That has left me feeling quite giddy. Imagine only having enough yarn in your home to knit a teddy sized cardi, trousers and hat. Imagine too using your very last scraps of yarn to make clothes for a bear who you will never see!



wonderwoman said...

oh he is just gorgeous and looks lovely in his knitted outfit - hurray for mums - that looks a scummy cake!


monkee maker said...

Belated birthday greeting for Josh - what a brilliant "big air" shot on your last post.

And it's suddenly become crystal clear where your cake making skills come from .... and the knitting ones, natch!


Marie said...

LOL. Imagine how many bear outfits she could make if she got let loose in the Stash Basket (or would you rather not entertain the image of all your lovely yarn ending up as teddy attire?? ;)).

That cake looks totally yummy. When it comes to cake one can never have enough chocolate I say.

Willoughby (fabulous name!) looks very daper in his winter wardrobe. Aren't Mum's just brilliant?


Gina said...

What a wonderful mum! Willoughby looks very smart.

Moogsmum said...

Willoughby looks very cheery in his lovely new suit! Great job Michaela's Mum!!

Great job on the cake too.

I think maybe your need to hoard yarn is an overcompensation for your Mum's less extravagant yarn buying habits and can therefore not be helped. It is something you have to live with I'm afraid ;-)


Anonymous said...

Willoughby looks gorgeous and very well groomed in his new suit. He is now ready to enter your class, Michaela; and once more, your mom is such a true and loving fairy! ;)


Working Mom Knits said...

Note to Mum: WMK's b-day is March 31st. Cake and/or Willoughby w/ his handknits much appreciated!

(Sadly, my Mom neither bakes nor knits.)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ok Michaela, sit down and take some nice deep breaths. I'm sure your mum will be fine and you know you can always lend her some of your stash if she ever feels the need.

Great cake by the way!!

Lucy x