Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thank-you all so much for your kind words yesterday. It made me feel so much better, knowing that things will get better.

I had a meeting in school today and all sorts of things are now afoot - some of which are incredibly scary. I am desperately worried about my 'little boy' who has got to start becoming a young man. We never had the terrible twos or the troublesome threes but crikey, he's been saving himself up for the testing teens.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.



Anonymous said...


I could feel your sadness and despair yesterday. Children quickly learn what button to push to drive their parents crazy, says one of my friends who is the mother of two teens. ;)

The blanket squares are in the mail. Take care, Michaela. xoxo


Heart in the country said...

Glad things are seeing better today. I didn't realise he was a's the hormones whizzing round - him not you ;0) I've got one of those, but they do come out happily the other side.

Take care


Ewe-niss said...

As hard as it was to hear all of the things going on at school and as overwhelming at is was - it is best to get the whole picture. It is much better to work on everything as a whole than patching it together. You will see a pattern that can be identified and work from there.

I remember telling one of my kids in the middle of a huge all encompassing mess (school, home,...) that I loved her, and though I didn't like her at the moment, I did love her.

I am so sorry, it will get better.

wonderwoman said...

teenage boys are something else! and peer pressure today is huge! but they do come out the other side of this eventually! its hard when you feel like they are growing away from you, testing the boundaries, but that's how its supposed to be even tho its hard! and then one day they give you a hug or a smile and you know its going to be okay!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sending you a really huge HUG Michaela - take care. Lucy xxxxxx

Rosie said...

Hi, just catching up on your blog, just to let you know I have four boys 29, 27, 24, and 14 so have been through this performance at least once. Shakespeare said boys should be buried at 10 and dug up at 21, have to admit it might be slightly over the top, but its bloody good advice! Hang in there duck.

Penny said...

Oh Michaela, I don't know what he is (or isn't doing), but {{{hugs}}}.

Merry Mog said...

Sorry I missed yesterday but you have had incredible support. My friend's most difficult one is now a policeman!!! with a lovely wife and baby girl... All the Best Mx

monkee maker said...

Oh heck. Sorry to read about your troubles. If we knew all this before we had them, hey? (Then the world would be a far quieter place)

At times like that I always want to lock myself into one of those little apartments all set up in Ikea, and just live there all by myself. I'd let you in though.

Fancy a sit-in at Ikea?