Saturday, November 8, 2008

Round Pudding and Square Squares.

Saturday Pudding today was chocolate ice cream sandwiches -take 2 home made chocolate chip cookies, sandwich together with ice cream, dip in melted chocolate and bung in freezer until frozen. Prepare for very messy faces and fingers and for cries of 'are there any seconds?'

Postie has been very good to me lately, bringing these beautiful squares for the Blankets. Vera decided to show us how they looked and to let us know that the blanket is now more suitable for a monkee than a baby bunny. They came without a name, so I'm unable to thank the sender personally. But thank-you mystery knitter!

The other day I saw some gorgeous cards over at Sussex Yorkies place and admired them. Then what do you know, 3 of them arrived at my house - aren't they great?

Not only does Sussex Yorkie make amazing cards, she makes amazing knitted squares too - 20 of them in fact! Vera did not wish to model these squares because she was too busy with the final item sent in this most interesting of parcels.

Would you just look at this? Inside this wrapper is a bar of chocolate with pistachios in. It looks delicious. And it smells delicious. And I'm sure it tastes delicious too, but I am not allowed any, because it says Vera on the wrapper, so I am assured that you can only have any if you're called Vera. I have tried protesting that we happily eat Cadbury's Dairy Milk but that we aren't saddled with such a long name or that it's nice to share or even 'ooh look Vera, 007 is on the telly' while I try to grab said bar and eat it. But nothing doing. It would seem that like any self-respecting young lady, Vera likes her chocolate and is unwilling to share.

Thank-you so much Debbie. What a lovely surprise parcel that was.

(And if you're interested, mincemeat making is on tomorrow's subject list)


trashalou said...

I am interested, I will be back, the blanket moves on (in both ways) and eurgh! do we really only get to eat the things that have our names on?

Trash :-P

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've got some squares for you too (only a few) and it now looks like I'm going to be able to give them to you in person! (this means you will have to pretend that they are ok - I'm sure they're not!!!)

Lucy x

Moogsmum said...

That looks like a very yummy pud - I know two small people who would love it!!

So glad to see Vera knows how to handle her chocolate :-)