Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I know I said that normal service would be resumed 'tomorrow' but it just didn't happen like that. Life got in the way, as it so often does. Well, actually it was football that got in the way. And the weather. And the family. But I'm back for now.

Postie was very kind again today and brought me a lovely package of squares from Canada. I wish you could feel these squares and see them properly. Gorgeous stitchery there Giulietta - thank-you so much (and what a beautiful letter you sent too, brought tears to my eyes - the next lemon meringue pie will be dedicated to you!)

Weather has occurred at the Stash Basket HQ. The sort of weather that small children love and that mothers with mountains of washing and no tumble drier hate. I am now sick of wet clothes hanging up all over the place. Can I just say here that we live in a very old house - 200 yrs plus - which was built in the times before cavity walls were even thought of. We have very thick solid walls. Very thick, cold solid walls. So cold that the slightest amount of humidity in the air condenses on the walls and forms vertical streams. It is not pleasant. Especially when wet washing is hanging everywhere. But never mind eh? It will soon be summer and our cold house is perfect then!

Have you seen the Sainsbury's advert about cranberries and cranberry juice ice cubes added to cava? Well we thought we'd have a go, purely as a trial for Christmas you understand. It looked pretty enough, but the taste? Well, I'd really prefer a glass of white wine myself. It was dry and bitter all in one, the ice cubes kept getting in the way (I don't ever like ice in a drink except maybe a G & T) And cranberries really aren't nice to eat raw without a pound of sugar.

But now I must get on. I have Christmas presents to buy and make (the mind is always so willing but the body unable), cardigans to finish, Christmas cakes to ice, clothes to iron and children to take to football training. This time of year always makes me think I'm running so fast just to stand still. Busy, busy, busy...


Moogsmum said...

I've got snow envy! It's rubbish down here. We never get interesting weather!

Thank you for road testing the Cava recipe - I don't feel so tempted by it now! Looks very pretty though.

Good luck with the Christmas shopping. Mine starts after pay day on Friday - bah humbug!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Humph! You even got more snow than us and we are meant to be in "the frozen north"!!!! That's a lovely parcel of squares from Giulietta - how is your blanket doing now?

Good luck with the Christmas shopping!

Lucy xxx

Anonymous said...

You need to add sloe gin to your cava or fizz - delicious!! Abi

Anonymous said...

Hi Michaela:

I am glad to learn that you already received the blanket squares. So cold and damp in your ancestral house? Brrrrrr... I hope there is a log burning in the fireplace or perhaps more than one fireplace. Back to my Christmas knitting! I hope you will enjoy some of your Christmas errands. ;) xoxo


Merry Mog said...

Makes me tired just reading about all you have to do! Is your school taking part in the Big Sing tomorrow afternoon? My grandchildren's school is. I'm a Governor there and I have to go and be a witness for the Guiness Book of Records. They are joining with hundreds of other schools and Desiree. She will be singing at the O2 centre and they all will be joining her by radio link for the biggest singalong.