Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real live people!

Much has been said already about the joys of meeting up with friends. Friends who, until yesterday, were just faceless bloggers, not even real people. But hey, let me tell you Blogging World, I met up with some real life, living, breathing bloggers! Lucy Locket, Moogsmum, Domesticali, Dottycookie, Silver Pebble, Vicious Chicken and The NBM (and also a very friendly non-blogger, Ally - or is that Ali?).

Vera of course came along and became very attached to Baby Pebbles' booties as well as this little chicken (why can't I remember her name?)

We went for lunch at a great little restaurant in Covent Garden and for once I liked the look of my dinner best of all (a chicken salady thing with great big long croutons). We talked, exchanged pressies, got rather loud, ate, talked a bit more, laughed so much, went shopping to a lovely little bead shop (in real life a very big bead shop as it turned out!) and then came home.

We all had such a great day and it was so nice to put faces - and real names - to all of these people.

And ladies, it was as I expected when I got home. The oven had not been turned on, let alone the lasagne put in it, stress levels were quite high and the children were playing football with oranges whilst Mr Stressy played cards on the computer, shouting at the children to stop shouting. A scene of domestic bliss!!!

I had not made a pudding - and neither had the house-husband of the day - so it was very lucky that I stopped off at M&S to buy chocolate eclairs and banoffee puddings. No photo of them, we ate them too quickly!

Cake and knitting news tomorrow....


Ali said...

We weren't loud were we? Surely not!

And thank you for the delicious fudge - I caved last night (after the children were in bed!) and had to sample it!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yesterday was so much fun - I'm already trying to work out when we can do it all again - only with more time for shopping too!

Thanks so much for the fudge - it's delicious!

Lucy xxx

Gina said...

Lucky you! Wish I could have been there.

trashalou said...

Hey! I was there too!!!

Sure it was only on the phone for a few minutes but a girl has to get a namecheck when she can!!

dottycookie said...

Miss HennyPenny - I think?!

I am glad you took a photo - I completely forgot to get my camera out and am bound to be drummed out of blogger society as a result!

My children loved the fudge, but I have hidden what's left and obviously, small people cant have nuts (at least, that's what I tell them) so all the more choccy fudge for me for me, hee hee!

I must show you the City Cycle shop one day ...

Emma said...

That fudge is one of the most marvellous substances known to man (and to Mr P). Thanksyou for introducing me to fudge I can actually wolf down wearing a cheesey grin, rather than nibbling politely and wishing I hadn't.

Really lovely to meet you. I think Vera looks rather spandy in Miss P2's bovverboots don't you?

Emma x

wonderwoman said...

sounds like you all had a great time, wish i could have been there!!!


Moogsmum said...

It was really great to meet you Michaela and Gloria was very excited to meet Vera!!

Thanks so much for the gorgeous fudge. I shared it round (a bit) when I got home but made sure I kept the rest for me!!

Can't wait until we all do it again :-)