Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thanks Warren!

Wowee, that Warren's a bit generous isn't he? Doubling what I said to give St Dunstan's a much needed boost. He's suggested a sweepstake to see how much I actually spent at Ally Pally asking for a pound for each guess - I'm quite up for that, but unsure as to how to collect money in, so let's have a free competition. How much did I spend altogether - didn't buy any food there, so it was just yarn and bits. What do you think? Prize for the nearest guess - something as yet to be decided, but it will be nice I promise. Just leave a comment - answer in pounds please!

Now onto this Swiss Cheese scarf. I love the pattern and think it's so pretty and clever, been on my Ravelry queue list for some time now, but you know what, now that I've started, it just doesn't do it for me. Too wide, too holey, going to take longer than blinking Scribble, so there was only one thing for it.

Can you believe this? Me? I've actually frogged something.


trashalou said...

Yay for frogging! Ummm..... how about £53.87?

Heart in the country said...

Lovely wool though, what are you going to make no?

Oooo....I guess £71.33

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Boo to frogging! I can never understand how knitters can spend hours creating "cloth" and then rip it apart! I'm glad to hear it is a rare occurence for you!

Trashy has guessed about the same amount as I was going to say - but then I thought about how easy it is to spend far more than you intend - I spent £26 at the patchwork shop yesterday when I wasn't buying anything and thought I'd been good - I told Mr Locket about all the things I didn't buy!!!

So lets say £75.60 (you did buy Noro after all......!)

Locket xxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S. I forgot to say double-YAY to Warren - what a generous man!

Working Mom Knits said...

The pic of your frogging has me grasping my inhaler!! Not nice to shock a sickly gal like that!

My guess = 119.19 (in pound notes)

ps: I wasn't loving the Swiss Cheese thing either. The yarn colors are far too beautiful for all of those holes (IMHO)

Anonymous said...

howabout £152.67,

Mary deB said...

120 pounds.
And another yay for Warren!

Gina said...

Well done Warren! I guess about £85? I quite liked the holey scarf.

warrenincolne said...

Kathryn and I have just been reviewing the post-trip post and having a tot-up

Looks like about £165 to us.

Have another go at Swiss Cheese Scarf, but knit it in dark brown yarn. Stop at exactly the point you'd reached in your photo...

...and you've got a giant Curly Wurly!

And you're probably mad enough to wear it!

(Can I get away with saying that?)

wonderwoman said...

way to go Warren!!! eeek, frogging, very brave of you!
let me see, how much did you spend... well.... £79.50!


jayne said...

From reading your blog I think you're relatively high maintenance on the yarn front so definitely into three figures.
I'm going to go for £158.70.

trashalou said...

That was just my first guess. This time I'm going for £3298.12.

I may be back with another guess, we shall just see!

Anonymous said...

Very sensible frogging that, I did think about giving it a try but then thought better of knitting all those holes! My guess has already gone so lets say £123.63 just to be awkward.

sara said...

£89 pounds
I wasn't keen on that holey thing either. I was going to have a go at it but I don't think that I will bother. Onto another project.

Lesley said...

I have no idea - if you'd bought 70 balls of cheapo acrylic I'd have a better chance!!

Mmmm...might take Warren's lead and be generous....£147.50?

You were so brave to rip that scarf back - did you sob quietly as you did it?


trashalou said...

Okay, while this computer lasts let me put in another guess - (ack! this old computer is obviously US/AUS b/c there is NO pound sign) so.... I'm feeling lucky (blows on dice and shakes vigourously), here we go - (imagine the pound sign) 986.92.