Monday, October 6, 2008

Nothing exciting

Do your children hanker after sweet stuff and persuade you to buy stuff like this? Mine do and I refused (oh muuuum, but whyyyyy?) - because I found a recipe for them which I felt sure would be cheaper and better for them. Whilst I now doubt that they will be better for the little darlings, they have said that mine are nicer than the Kelloggs ones. Ah bless them. As to cheaper, probably not because they love them so much that one tray full only lasts a couple of days, especially when like today we have a houseful of hungry school children round to 'play'.

Scribble finally got finished over the weekend and I did sort of block it just so you could see the scribbly bits. But once I hung it up, it shrank back so never mind eh. It's for mum at Christmas. Still loving the yarn - Hipknits cashmere - so soft.

I was busy over the weekend and made marmalade and chutney (look away now Trashy - how could you not like marmalade?) More presents are now sorted - going to make up little jammy hampers for everyone this year - well, jammy, marmaladey and chutney hampers - six jars fit nicely in a shoe box.


Here's Jenny (original name for a donkey) - the donkey in the field next to our house. The farmer doesn't do much in the way of buildings maintenance!!!


duraknit said...

Michaela, I keep watching the "Not Long Now, Warren" ticker in the sidebar, and oh my! only 5 days left! I wonder if you'll get to the show and discover you've forgotten how to buy yarn. . . and what is poor Warren's penalty to be when you make it to your goal?

Elizabeth D

Working Mom Knits said...

Want to make the Rice Krispie Treats even better? Toss in a couple hand-fulls of dried cranberries. Or, drizzle the top w/melted chocolate. Yum!


Heart in the country said...


Any chance of the rice crispy cake recipe, with working mon knits additions they may fill an after school hole.....note I said may;-)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Now that's just blatant Trashy favouritism! And she doesn't even like Jane Austen let alone marmalade! But then again missus, how can you not like jam?????

Me xxxxx

trashalou said...

But I looooooooooove chutney!!! Mmmmmm. Branston have just released a beetroot pickle - yuuuummmy!

Teehee Michaela, I read it all the way through!!

wonderwoman said...

what a cute donkey, i'm sure trashy was loving your pic! and those rice crispy treats look scrummy - i would drizzle a smigen of choc tho!!

scarf is looking even more gorgeous!


katrynka said...

Do you have a certain recipe you use for chutney? There is a fabulous restaurant near me that serves homemade chutney on their cheese tray appetizers... boy is it fabulous. Makes me want to try it.

Merry Mog said...

So Industrious! Rice Krispie treats recipe ....yes please. My grandchildren would love them, not to mention the parents! Have just made a huge chocolate tray bake for the weekend. (Got the NewlyWeds and the In-laws Coming) I froze it as soon as it was cold so I wouldn't be tempted!!

SadieandLance said...

Will you be charing the recipe? I'd love to give it a try, I hate the idea of buying those heavily processed snacks.