Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So you all know about the St Dunstan's blankets yes? You know, you knit one ball of yarn onto the top of the last piece of knitting then send it on to someone else? Well, I have 2 of these blankets on the go at the moment at different locations in the UK (Trashy have you still got one?) and they are coming on very well.

However, I also wanted to make another blanket like the Oliver ones from last year, but it's not going so well. In fact, it is barely big enough to cover a baby bunny, let alone a grown up person. So how about it then, oh wonderful people? Anyone fancy knitting me a 4" square or 2 - as you can see, I have 2 squares so only need another 98. Only - gulp!

The little man I've been dealing with at St Dunstan's is so excited by the whole project - they're really lovely people there. (I wonder if he is indeed a little man or some 6' 6'' giant).

Please dear Bloggers, I'm asking you very nicely, knit me a 4" square to help keep someone warm this winter. Thank-you.

Oh thank-you all so much! Looks like I won't have to knit quite so many squares myself then will I? Instructions for the squares are easy - 4" in machine washable double knitting yarn - any colour, any pattern. Actually, I say double knitting, but any yarn really, just as long as it's washable and measures 4". Most tension squares have to be 4", so if you're far better than me and make tension squares, just send those along. (Does anyone make tension squares?)


trashalou said...

I do still have it. Wonderwoman is next in the queue so I shall hand directly over.

There has been some little argument with the pattern I have been using. I think I have wrestled it into submission ;-)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ummmm Miss? I'm very sorry Miss, (sniff) coz I did start a square Miss, but I sort of stopped again, (sniff) sorry Miss. I'll try to do better Miss. Sorry Miss.

Seriously though - I will try to get some squares knitted soon - everything has just gone a bit bonkers lately and my new job starts tomorrow!!!!

Love Saturday's pudding - especially the idea of less bananery banana icecream!

Locket xxx

Lesley said...

I would so love to say that I'll do one but I'm not sure I'll get it done.

If I get chance I'll let you know.

I can't wait to see the stripey blankets!


Merry Mog said...

How could we resist! Have a few (!!)knitted bits not sewn up (I'm not good at the sewing up) so could do with a project that needs no sewing. Squares coming up......
Do you have a cut off date? Can you email me your address? I thought I had it but have mislaid it. Promise to put it in my book as soon as I get it!

Catherine said...

I will gladly do some more squares. I did them before (last year) and sent to you via Kerrie.

Working Mom Knits said...

Oh darling doola - I'd forgotten about this project (how could I have forgotten? I blame the illness - I blame the meds - I blame the T's and their endless requests for PIE!)

Can you remind me what weight yarn we're to be using?

ps: the bunny baby looks ADORABLE snugged up in those two little squares : )

pps: I'm currently snugged up in your shades-of-green wrap : )

Nathalie said...

We love the Elisabeth blanket over here so of course I'll knit you some squares. When and where to send them though?

wonderwoman said...

yes sign me up - i'll knit some squares! just let me know what yarn is needed and when you need the squares by, oh and where to send them!!


sara said...

Better get knitting. I also sent some last time.
Better put down the Christmas knitting for a while (did I need an excuse!).

Working Mom Knits said...

Dashed off three squares last night and brought the yarn (sorry but I am doing them all in the same yarn/color so I can get 'em done)to work today to get a few done while lunching : )

4" squares - easy and satiflying, and makes one feel so productive! Who would have thought it?