Sunday, October 19, 2008

Late Saturday Pudding

Sorry I'm late - again (reason later). Anyway, Saturday pudding was determined by these rather over-ripe bananas found lurking in the fruit bowl. They were pretty smelly and just perfect for cooking with. So let me present you with banana and chocolate chip muffins with banana ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Mr Stressy even had seconds!

I usually find that banana ice cream is too bananary if you get what I mean, so I only used half quantities of bananas and it worked oh so much better. A very good recipe from here using condensed milk and cream rather than an eggy base.

Anyway the reason I'm late is that after football and dinner and washing up and ironing, I decided to watch a film and knit. No kids. No Mr Stressy. No contest. Peace and quiet. My latest rental dvd had arrived yesterday - Deja Vu - so now was the perfect time to watch it. Anyone else seen it? Anything with Denzel Washington in just has to be good (so much better than that creepy Daniel Craig person who some people seem to like) and I really enjoyed it. Didn't understand it, but with a leading man like that, who am I to complain?!

As to the knitting, the Noro Kochoran is a dream to knit with but it has made me very cross - there has been at least one knot in each skein (not on for £11.75 a skein). The colours have not been joined up well and I'm not happy. However, it will all work out well in the end - just had to do a bit of extra work in trying to align the colours. Whilst the finished tank top will be wonderfully warm, looking at the Ravelry reviews, it appears to turn the wearer into the Michelin Man. Oh dear, as if I needed more help.


wonderwoman said...

pudding, as always, looks scrummy! wish i lived near you!
i have seen deja vue and its brilliant, denzel is just great, daniel craig, not my cuppa!
Noro, like some rowan yarns, does seem to have a knotty problem - i love blossom but that had knots too! mind you, with my knitting, no one would know the difference!


trasha said...

WW I don't believe that for a minute - I have seen your knitting remember.

How can banana ice-cream be too banana-y? Surely there is no such possibility - bring on the bananas I say (used to be fabulous ice-cream my cafe owning friend bought from I.o.W. - she used to buy extra in for me ;-)

Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah!! At last a gorgeous man we can agree on! Denzel is divine! I notice you didn't mention your attraction to that unfunny guy and throw open the polls on it ....

Saturday pudding looked scrumptious, as ever.


ps. I'm loathe to admit that I watched Stranger than Fiction the other day, with said unfunny guy in it .... and I really enjoyed it .... doh!