Thursday, April 26, 2007


So what do you think of this then? Last year in school I ran a patchwork club and at long last I've got round to finishing it off. No doubt all you quilters out there will be horrified by my talents, but hey, I tried! It's based on Kaffe Fasset's 'Circus Tents' and considering most of the children involved barely knew how to sew, I think they did a pretty good job. It will be hung on a wall somewhere along a corridor.

The glove is progressing well - we now have a finger! I've not done Fairisle or Intarsia for ages and am really loving the colour work. So much so that I'm already thinking of what to knit next. (A second glove would be an advantage I feel!) I keep seeing Alice Starmore mentioned on the internet and think I might like to do one of her designs. But do I really want to darn in all those ends? So how about cheat's fairisle using a variegated yarn. Anybody out there got any wonderful ideas?

Sadly no more glove knitting tonight, I've got to make a Spitfire out of icing. Ah the things I have to do just to feed my wooly obsession.

See you tomorrow?


kerrie said...

that quilt is gorgeous. I wish our school was interested in doing fun stuff like that.

Working Mom Knits said...

You can teach Dennis to quilt any time you like : )

ps: do not forget to share pics of the Spitfire!

picperfic said...

oh boy, a spitfire cake!! Barry would be in his element watching you make this one...I have bought some fat quarters to make a quilt or something, I just liked the look of them. Your quilt is beautiful, I wonder if I'll ever get to see it?

julie said...

Lovely quilt - quilting is something I've always wanted to try but have been a bit daunted by! I've been building up a little stash of fat quarters under the pretence that I need them for gift bags and photo backgrounds but really I just like to get them out and look at them - one day they're destined to become a quilt.

akhila said...

what is spitfire? is it a clay or something?? i am confused

akhila said...

help me? i don't know what spitfire is? what did you make that kangaroo out of?