Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Small World

Oh I so wish you were here at the moment to be able to smell these lily of the valley. They are wonderful and are filling up the whole room with their perfume. We have lots of them in the garden but they tend to hide, so I always try to pick a bunch. You can't tell where they came from in the garden.
And on the subject of you being here, I have been thrilled by the comments from people I've never even met. Yesterday, 'picperfic' (aka Marianne) (yes I did make the cake) joined us from a small village in Cambridgeshire. Hello! We could live in the same village and not even know it. I also heard from Linda in Australia. Let me calm down and say that again. Australia. No, I'm not any calmer. Wow! I've never known anyone from there (except a mad ship broker who I used to work with, he went back home to become a DJ - do you know him Linda? we called him Oz). And then there was a message from Clara in the US. Clara has become a friend since we joined the Colour Swap thingy. So 3 comments from people from as far apart as they come. It suddenly seems like a very small world.
As to the Man Utd score, yes they won 3 - 2, but will be playing the return match next week at Milan. No tears at bed time for us then! Well, at least until next week.

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picperfic said...

I found you again! Isn't the internet a wonderful thing! I feel like I have friends everywhere and right here!