Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Anyone for a piece of cake? I've never much enjoyed the idea of making my own cake, but such is life - no-one else volunteered to do it. Had to make 2 cakes as well - one for school and one for home. We all like chocolate. We all like chocolate a lot!

I've had the children in school guessing how old I am today. It ranged from 16 to 100. I love the way that when you're 4, 16 is such a huge number. However, when I told one little boy that I'm 41, his reaction - 'woah, that's really old, not even my dad is as old as that' - had me rushing home ready to start digging a big hole! And the teacher got them all counting and clapping to 41 (it's apparently good practise). You don't realise quite how old you are until you hear how long it takes to clap that far. It's a long time I can tell you!

The champagne is in the fridge ready for later and pudding is sorted, but what to make for tea is the next problem. Is Champagne and Birthday Cake enough for tea? Or have I really got to cook something else? I just want to carry on with my glove!


julie said...

Oh Happy Birthday Michaela - though it's a bit of a rum deal that you have to make your own cake! (happens to me too!)Having fairly recently joined the 40 something gang I know what you mean about littlies finding your age to be ancient - my daughter once told a friend of hers that everything was black and white when her Mum was a little girl!Can understand why you want to get going on the gorgeous glove - much more compelling that making tea although I think Alfie has his eye on it for a sleeping bag!Enjoy the rest of your day.

Emma said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

Surely you had tea made for you ! It's your birthday after all.


kerrie said...

oh - you didn't tell me it was your birthday! Happy Birthday, I hope you have a lovely lovely day, you totally deserve it. xxx