Monday, April 23, 2007


This is a view of a bit of our garden. I don't do the garden. I knit. I bake. I wash up. I iron. I'll do pretty much anything else, but I really don't do the garden. This is my husband's place. I live in the kitchen, he lives in the garden. I tease him about some of the plants - they're not allowed to look like plants, but spheres, boxes, anything neat and tidy. That's another thing I don't do. Neat and tidy is not for me. But I do love the garden! It's all very blue and green at the moment, which I like best. I like the way the little hedges change colour, like the lawn meandering in curves, like the way the cherry blossom looks like snow... yes, today I like the garden.

In school, each class has a little plot and it was my very dubious pleasure to weed it today with some of the children. Some of whom had never even held a trowel. We planted some cornflowers once the bed was ready. Most of us got covered with mud. How inappropriate of me to wear a cream cardigan! Wish my husband didn't have to go work, I could have used his talents today!

I'm off to knit some glove now. Have I mentioned before how much I love my glove?


kerrie said...

so how is the glove?

julie said...

ooh, I do like your box hedging - wish mine looked like that instead of an unruly mess! Men and gardening seem to go together in my experience - H is quite posessive of the lawn and gets quite put out when I put the play tent up and don't rotate it to allow the grass to 'breathe'!