Monday, April 30, 2007


I didn't learn to knit until I was 17. I had always sewed, but something about wool appealed to me. Mum taught me - asked me to go out and find a pattern and some wool. I chose a grey raglan jumper with flecks of colour splashed among it, intarsia style, using about 50 skeins of tapestry wool. It was fabulous. I loved it. Mum freaked out. But she persevered, taught me and the rest as they say is history.
Two years later, I went to Leicester Poly to read pharmacy (I had always wanted to be a dentist but didn't quite make the grades, needing 3 B's at A level, I got 2 B's and a D). From the word go, I hated pharmacy, it was difficult, complicated and full of things that were way beyond my level of comprehension. So to help me concentrate while I read endless pharmacology books (yawn!) I knitted. I made squares. I also did a Kaffe Fasset cardigan, 2 jumpers and a scarf, but mostly I did squares.Mum did some too, and my grandma and aunt (the latter 2 both sadly now departed) and even some friends
I kidded myself that I was working really hard. I suppose I was, but not at the pharmawotsitthingy. The knitting took over.
This blanket is full of memories for me. I can remember where I bought most of the wool from, which square came first, who knitted them and so on. It is a very special blanket. It doesn't normally lay on the bed - too many squares with the curtains as they are - but I love it all the same.
It took 2 long years for me to realise that pharmacy just wasn't for me. So I went to learn how to become a cook instead. This I loved from day one and hardly did any knitting at all.

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picperfic said...

I can honestly understand how precious that quilt is, those memories....amazing! All that studying but when you find the subject that 'rings your bell' it's a revelation isn't it? I spent my whole life up to 2002 not knowing where I was going with a job, 4 children kept me busy. I ended up becoming a sugaring practitioner (hair removal)because i could do it at home, around the family appointments. It suited me for 14 years and then I discovered college, did a C&G in Interior Decor and then I did a BTEC in Computer Graphic Design. I just loved every single moment of learning for that BTEC. I got 5 distinctions and got the first job I applied for! Amazing, I didn't know I was worth anything before getting that BTEC. My confidence soared and I realised just how unhappy I was in my 30 year old marriage and I moved forward to where I am now, with the most wonderful man and so loved and so happy. Education is a marvellous thing but in my opinion, it's wasted on the young! lol