Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to make a Spitfire - part 1

Having promised myself last week that I'd make the Spitfire, well, I sort of, um knitted instead. So now I've got an imminent deadline (10 days away, so it could be worse) and no Spitfire. I sat at my little table, got the Duxford booklet out and started to model away the evening. The basic parts are now made and just have to dry for a few days, then I can get painting it. Have to make a little man to go inside it yet, but am too tired tonight to fiddle with him (no smut intended!)
On the little DVD player I'm watching Stranger Than Fiction. My brother sent it for my birthday (along with a beautiful mini Faberge Egg to hang on a necklace - I'm so spoilt!). He said 'you'll probably like this film - it's crap'. We have never agreed on a film, with the exception of The Shawshank Redemption which is sitting in the background on the photo, waiting patiently for its turn in the machine. Anyway, he was right again, I love this film and have already watched it about 5 times.
I would be lost without my DVD player. I seem to live in the kitchen and just like to have the company of an easy to watch film. I rent them through Amazon - brilliant value for someone like me who can watch a film again and again. My list is now a bit short, I need to add more titles to it - any recommendations from you?
Ooh, it's now tomorrow so to speak. May 2nd. Happy birthday to my husband. Oh no, is that another cake I have to make?


picperfic said...

oh wow...you are sooo clever! How about Charlotte Gray for a film choice, Land Army Girls is lovely, hmm...Ladies in Lavender, The English Patient, Chocolat, Oh Brother Where Art Thou (George Cluny at his best, needs to be watched at least twice, we now have the soundtrack to this in the car and sing to it at the top of our voices!), a real old favourite of mine is Witness with Harrison Ford, oh and Calendar Girls (once showed this to some lesbian friends that were staying with us at the time, they sat there pan faced and I wondered what was wrong with them til I realised I was showing them boobs, it made it even funnier for me and I ended up giggling hysterically with nerves.... they've not stayed with us since! hehe)

julie said...

Looks like a very delicate operation - I'm in awe of your attention to detail. I'm not much good on film recommendations - I know I have naff taste, although I'd agree with picperfic about Chocolat and The Shawshank Redemption is in my top 10.

Working Mom Knits said...

I am so happy that you are giving us work-in-progress shots! For a woman who holds her breath every time she removes a cake from the pan, this is so intriguing...

And free movie reviews to boot! So happy you are blogging : )