Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well at long last the rain stopped, but not until 2.30 pm. And the sun shone, but not until 3.30 pm. It has rained for pretty much 3 days solid. Now I know we needed the rain, but this has just been too much. We set about wondering whether to build an ark - living in the Fens we are pretty much at sea level, infact just a few hundred years ago, we were under the sea apparently. So this afternoon was spent looking round the garden - hadn't seen it for such a long time - and lo and behold, just look at all that rhubarb. Where did that all come from? I'm sure it wasn't that big on Saturday. Better get the apron on and start some cooking!

Spot the rhubarb amongst all the mint, sage and irises!

Ingredients all prepared.

Presenting Rhubarb Betty (and mighty fine she was too!)

Now I just need to start thinking of something to do with all the mint and sage - any ideas anyone?


Working Mom Knits said...

Ooohhh! You are reminding me of the rhubarb that grew on my parents farm - when I was little it was always a fun adventure to pick a stalk and eat it raw : )

ps: can't help with the sage at the moment but a Mint Julep (or two) might be nice.

kerrie said...

I love rhubarb, wonder if any of that lovely pudding will be left over when I come to visit next week? Probably not..

picperfic said...

sage and onion stuffing, roast chicken, new potatoes with mint...I love and adore rhubarb! Ever made Delias Rhubard Crumble Ice Cream. Give it a google, it's sure to be online! Mmmmmm now i want some! We said the same about the rain, it really was a miserable weekend weather wise. We dismissed two outdoor events, one in Earith and one in Soham. We went to Houghton mill and got some flour and some second hand books. It was a lovely weekend though, we met Barry's new granddaughter! Twice!!