Thursday, May 31, 2007

Young Love

Sorry didn't get chance to post yesterday. I went to my mum's and when I returned, the evening was all about settling a little bunny into her new home. May I introduce Blossom to you all. (Visit Julie for more exciting bunnies - all of whom sold out in about 30 seconds - make more Julie, make more!) Alfie is of course smitten and Blossom looks quite pleased with the match too. I am hoping for the patter of tiny feet before long.
Alfie has spent the last few days, since hearing of the impending arrival of a girlfriend, tidying out the stash basket. He has rearranged it several times trying to find his favourite yarns for Blossom to sit on. Today I think I'll leave the two sweet hearts to themselves - I'm off out for the day (it's only 7.30 am). The boys are playing football so I have relative freedom until pick-up time. Hmm, where to go and what to do.... (will tell you what I decided later on)


Anonymous said...

They're both adorable!

Working Mom Knits said...

Adorable yes...but do you think it wise to leave the two love bunnies unchaperoned? Julie's shop may be re-stocked sooner than she thought!

picperfic said...

aren't they the cutest?? I am knitting a Debbie Bliss tiny teddy for Imogen right now and am about to start on her dress! Hope you had a good day out?