Friday, May 25, 2007


Today we had a training day at school. Which means that I got the day off. Either they think that I am beyond training, or else I'm so fantastic just as I am that I don't need any more. I'm opting for the second, although I feel it's more like the first!
So on my day off, what should I do? Well there's the ironing to do. The shopping to get. The tea to cook. The cakes to bake. The flowers to make. Oh sod it, let's make marmalade instead! I love making the stuff. I love eating it too. My mum makes jam (good job as I can't do that - it never seems to set) and I make marmalade and chutney. This is our favourite flavour, plain, simple, delicious! Especially when served on thick toast with butter.
I then had a guilt trip at not working hard enough, so ironed, hoovered, dusted (me? dusting? my family will be so proud!) shopped, cleaned, scrubbed etc.
Having done all that, I think I deserve a spot of knitting, don't you?


kerrie said...

i'm not sure my lot would notice if i dusted! i'mnot a bog marmalade eater but the one you gave us a while ago was nice..

RooKnits said...

Handmade marmalade is the best. I'm hoping it rains tomorrow so I can make some now :0 Hope you enjoy the knitting.

Gill at Lucy Locket said...

Hi Michaela,

Just discovered your blog via Little Cotton Rabbits, I really enjoyed reading it and I've added you to my favourites.
Did you manage to find out how to add a link using a title instead of the full address? If not feel free to contact me,I didn't know how to do this either when I first started my blog but it's very simple.
I'm planning to make an onion chutney this week, haven't done it for years but I've been inspired to by all these wonderful blogs.
Look forward to dropping by again soon,