Monday, May 28, 2007

You'll never guess what...

Can you believe it? Another finished object! And this is a pair of finished objects! Those needles are certainly clicking as fast as Mrs Weasley's. Infact they're going so fast that I seem to have split my right index finger on the impossibly sharp 2mm needles used for the glove. I never knew that I used that finger quite so much to knit with. Have put a plaster over it so that I can start on yet another project.
Yes. Another project. Why on earth can't I just finish something else first? I blame Dee . Too much temptation with all that gorgeous yarn. I'm making a pair of socks now in Emily. These socks had just so better work. The one and only previous pair were too small - but mum loves them. Will picture them another day. I decided against Monkey and Pomatamus and went for the Slip Up Socks on Dee's site. She says they're easy... the heel bit looks a bit hard to me, so expect troublesome blogs soon!
What about this weather eh? The children have tried so hard to be good, stuck inside all day. Hopefully we can get out for them to play a bit of football tomorrow. Cold. Wet. Windy. It's more like February today. Yuk, foul, horrid, cabin fever!!!!

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kerrie said...

those gloves are just lovely, wish i had the patience to make a pair for myself. have you noticd how the weather is lovely today now the bank holiday is over? pah.