Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chocs away, Joseph

So here's the Spitfire cake. Sorry to all you purists out there - I'm calling it a Spitfire, but it probably isn't really. But hey it's got 2 wings a propeller and a tail fin!
Now I need to ask you all a big favour. You know I work in a school yes? Well we've entered the Joseph choir competition and we need votes. I'm nothing to do with the singing bit (flat as a pancake me) but it would be so lovely for the children to have a chance at this, to sing on the telly! Unfortunately the bbc seems to be having some problems with their site ( think we may have sent it into meltdown). Go to and vote for Lionel Walden Primary school - 5 stars if you don't mind! The site has been very slow but please stick with it, we need every vote you can give us - mention it to your friends and relatives, please ! The top 20 schools will be judged by Andrew Lloyd Webber himself and he will then pick the best to sing at the final of the bbc competition and also to go to London and take part in a special Children in Need performance. When I voted this afternoon, we were in 142nd place, we're now up to 14. That's some leap!


Dee said...

Hello ducks

Shame you're having trouble with email, but hopefully you'll get to see this ok. So glad you like the skein of Emily - it's hard to show the subtleties of some colourways in a little photo, but I like to think that our yarn will only look better in the flesh! Sorry though, I've got none extra stashed away that you could have.

Dee. xx

julie said...

Awesome cake - I love the little pilot and your icing writing is so incredibly neat! off to vote now - good luck!

picperfic said...

looks like they've suspended the voted until May 15th because of excess traffic! I'll put a post on my blog on that day if you remind me :^) every little helps!

I love the spitfire are sooo clever!

jturner said...

If you go to it will take you directly to Lionel Walden :-)