Friday, May 18, 2007

Casting Off!

Hey would you just look at this. I've actually cast something off! The Dobby Tea cosy (actually the book calls it an Elf Hat, but then describes it as a tea cosy that Dobby would like to wear!) It's modelled by Monkey - we live in a house of original names here - who was fed up of Alfie getting all the publicity.
Going to try and get some of the glove done this weekend, but have lots of school-related stuff to do. Also need to get in the garden and show willing to my husband by attempting some weeding. And need to do the mountain of ironing. Mustn't forget all the cooking and hoovering to do, as well as the football runs and yet more muddy washing. There are cakes to bake and flowers to make. Oh what a joyful weekend I have in store. Hope you manage more knitting than I will!

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