Monday, May 21, 2007


Can't have a picture-less post, so here's one of my other favourite cardigan. Eldest son took the picture - he missed off my head and the pretty sleeves (frills at the bottom of those too). Takes pictures just like his dad!

So here's the meme. Still don't know what it is, but consider yourself tagged if you want to be! Many thanks to my 2 willing volunteers! The particulars: each person tagged tells seven random facts about themselves in their blog (and at the same time, reiterate the rules). Then you tag seven others, naming them on your blog, and leaving a comment on their blog so they know that they have been tagged. Seven things you might not know about me:-

  1. I once had a golden retriever dog called Fennel. He was wonderful, when he died I was devastated. Vowed never to have another pet again, much to the disgust of my children. Can't go through that again.
  2. I hate buying shoes. If someone out there would do it for me, I'd jump at the chance!
  3. My first job after leaving Cookery School was to work for the Royal Family. Not a bad postal address ' Appartmant 1, Kensington Palace'! I signed the Official Secrets Act, so can't say much more than that!
  4. While in that job, I met my husband. We couldn't stand each other at first. He thought I was a snob (ha! me?) and I thought he was a fool. But eventually sense got the better of us. He propsed to me on a mountain top in Bavaria.
  5. I used to drink, but now can't. Even a sip of wine makes me feel ill.
  6. Controversial one this. I don't like cats. If you spent as much time as I do clearing cat poo and sick out of your garden, off the grass, off your children's bare feet and shoes, and off the front door mat, you wouldn't be too keen either.
  7. I knew with 100% certainty that my first born was a girl. When he was born, I felt sure the midwife had got it wrong!

OK now? Will that do Dee?


kerrie said...

a snob and a fool, the perfect partnership! I also dislike cats, I blame Mr Smith who was a very evil cat that we had when I was little. Horrible thing.

picperfic said...

I love that pattern...I have seen it and wanted it...good for you for knitting it! I'm with you about the cats...and the alcahol, most of the time! ;)

Sussex Yorkie said...

Totally, Totally agree with number 6. We have 4 living next door who regularly get a soaking but thats as far as we go cruelty wise!
Love the cardigan.

julie said...

Gorgeous cardi - the colours are perfect. I had a similar birth expeience having been convinced I was having a boy and then out popped Amy - my face must have been a picture!! And I'm with you on the cat poo and sick, although I quite like the creatures themselves!

Dee said...

You hate buying shoes? You can't drink wine?


What a Pandora's Box I've opened.

Jayne said...

OOhhh! I've made that sublime jacket too: mine is blue and I cast off in Kid Silk Haze to give it a fuzzy border. Wasn't the frill a test of will...' now have 654 stitches on the needle...'?
Love the blog. When I learn how to transfer photos from my camera I'll have one too!

Lucy said...

Don't get me started on cats. They use my organic vegetable patch as upmarket cat litter. This is not the sort of manure I'm after!