Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I have had my eyes on this baby blackbird since it was a sparkle in its fathers' eyes. I watched mum and dad tirelessly make the nest in the conifer hedge outside my kitchen window. I tiptoed as they sat on the eggs, trying not to disturb them. Once the proud parents started flying round catching worms and caterpillars and making frequent trips back to the nest, I knew congratulations were in order. It turns out that there were 3 babies - I saw them out of the nest last week chasing the poor exhausted parents round the garden, demanding more food.
Today I watched dad teaching this youngster how to get worms. It was hilarious. No way was this young lady going to get anything off the grass, least of all chop it up first. She wanted it to go straight into that enormous chasm that was her mouth, and blimey was she twittering about it. A very fussy child having a bit of a tantrum because things weren't going all her own way.
Hmm. Birds and people have more in common than I thought.

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kerrie said...

hee hee, that sounds like all 3 of mine at the moment. x