Saturday, May 12, 2007

Anybody help me?

How do I get a button on the sidebar? I have spent the last hour trying to work this out with no luck. The blogger help pannel doesn't help - that's way too complicated for me to navigate. Easy peasy terms please anyone for a computer thicky?


paper-and-string said...

go to template. click on 'add page element' then it shows you a list of ways to add stuff.
4th down on the left: 'add html/javascript' click 'add to blog' this opens a new box.
give it a title (this will show on your blog) then copy and paste the html code for the button into the big box. DONE :-) remember to save this, then go check out your blog and make sure you like it. To put it in a different place go back to template and drag the items into the order you would like them. hope this makes sense :-) xxx

andsewtosleep said...

Glad I'm not the only one. It took me two hours but I got there in the end. The instructions you've been given will do it. Mary