Thursday, May 24, 2007

Frogs, blackbirds and beans

More 'children' than I thought as it turns out. Today was a big day for Dang the tadpole - he became a frog! Thank goodness we had a lid on the tank as he was on the roof of it when I came downstairs this morning. The inside of the roof you understand. Anyway, he has now been released into the big wide world. Hope he doesn't go to next door's pond or else the fish will eat him.
The blackbirds have been busy again and they are already raising their second brood of the year. I think the previous youngsters are still around, it's getting difficult to tell anymore.
Want to hear something really horrid? Look away now if not. There's a lady at work who's on a diet. Today for her mid-morning snack, she had a dish of cold baked beans with a banana sliced into it. Honest. And she ate it too.
Kerrie, sorry your e-mail is messed up. Nothing to do with me though, I can't even leave comments on your blog, so something must be very wrong. Hope the little man you speak to is more helpful than the little man who dealt with me last week.


kerrie said...

i think i'm fixed now...

Working Mom Knits said...

Your co-worker's meal is the very reason folks in America think poorly of the English culinary talents :{

Michaela said...

Ah yes, but she's Dutch so it doesn't count!