Thursday, May 3, 2007

Making a kangaroo

The Spitfire is still drying - well it's dry, but I've not had time to stick it together and paint it. Today has been all about a kangaroo. I'm making a 40th birthday cake for a man who's Australian. That's the only help I got ' Oh we'll leave it up to you' is really not much help at all. David suggested a can of Fosters. Anyone out there got any great ideas?
Anyway, here's the before and after of Mrs Kangaroo. She looks a bit like someone sat on her, but that's just tough, she's just having a rest!
No knitting again today, just cakes. Perhaps will manage a few rows tomorrow. But I really need to get on with some other decorations. Anybody spot the film on the dvd player today? One of my favourites again.


picperfic said...

Oh my goodness that is just brilliant...what an artist....!!! I came across this amazing link just now and thought of you! clicky ! How can these works of art be cut let alone eaten?? I can understand the chocolate cake you made being eaten mind you. Have you overcome your chocolate problem? I can't eat chocolate...migraine :^( I do have a bit of organic now and then mind you :^)

kerrie said...

how about one of those hats with corks on?

picperfic said...

how about a swimming pool with jelly for the water? little people pushed through jelly sweets for life savers? I saw this once...can't remember where! Oh and its Harry Potter?