Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beads of Rain

So just where has all this rain come from? We hardly had a drop of the stuff in April and it's barely stopped tipping it down for the past fortnight. Forgive rubbish photo - the peonies really do look so pretty, but it was chucking it down and I was getting wet and cold. Sorry. I was supposed to be hunting for slugs and snails - we have loads of hostas and the pesky little beasties just love to munch on them. Didn't find a single one though - the hedgehogs and frogs must be doing their stuff. Maybe even the baby blackbird too. Oh, I saw her today looking for her own food, she obviously gave up on dad!
Question for you all again. You've done so well at solving my previous problems, I have high hopes for this one. Where is there a good on-line bead shop? I would prefer a UK based one if possible. Have a Wedding Cake to do and to cut a long story short, I need some royal blue beads. Anyone got any good ideas?
Thank-you to anyone who has tried to vote on the Joseph competition. Sadly the BBC have completely messed up and the site is down more often than it's running. To say they underestimated the response is a pretty poor excuse. Sort it out BBC. We are getting cross. And as the children in the class I was working in today will tell you, I'm not nice when I'm cross!


picperfic said...

Hi Michaela...have you not heard of the Rocking Rabbit bead shop in Haddenham? Barry and I did some photography for him which was a good experience. I have also nipped into his shop for some beads to add to some socks I was knitting....anyway, here's the link clicky its a delightful shop to visit too...if you do decide to visit then why not pop in for a cuppaif you've time?

julie said...

Thanks for the black bird update. The magpies got our chicks despite my patrolling the garden and running outside like a loon shouting and clapping everytime I heard that alarm cry. I spent 3 weeks last summer hand feeding a young blackbird but that had an unhappy ending too! I love your 'ferret' jacket - wonderful combination of yarn and it's nice to see Alfie again! will try again to vote in the competition - I blame that Graham Norton!

Working Mom Knits said...

Aren't you afraid that putting beads on a wedding cake might choke the Bride and/or Groom? (just askin')

And, what happened with the peas?

kerrie said...

haddenham has a bead shop? We used to keep our horses there and Im sure I dont remember a bead shop? Wow, the countryside is moving up in the world isn't it?

Struth Ruth! said...


This is my first ever comment in the world of blogging - very scary! I read Kerrie's blog every day amd saw the beautiful blanket you made Trinity, i wondered where you got the pattern from, i too work in a school and have 2 teachers expecting and would love to make them something like that. If you dont mind letting me know i would be grateful. Thank you