Monday, May 14, 2007

Knitting with ferrets

This is my most favourite ( sure that's bad grammar) thing I've ever knitted. The Abstract Jacket from Alterknits. I've used alpaca, silk, cashmere, various Colinette yarns and some wonderful buttons from Injabulo. It's so comfy, so soft and so very me. I've used some of Nicky Epstein's i-cord embellishments and I just love it! The only problem came when I first wore it. A work-colleague (it just had to be a man) said 'oh for a minute I thought you had dead ferrets round your arms'. Stupid, stupid, stupid. When has anyone seen bright orange ferrets?
Oh, and Alfie was upset as he's not had his picture taken for a while...

1 comment:

Working Mom Knits said...

Just one question: could you be a little MORE talented?

ps: just a guess: the man thought he was complimenting you...also a guess: he is not married.