Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ding, Dong and Dang

So there I was this morning, 7.30, thinking that it was high time I went for a shower, but just one more round of the glove wouldn't make me so very late, when I heard my children talking to each other. Rather, whispering to each other.

'Come and see the tadpoles, they've grown.'

Alarm bells rang in my somewhat fuzzy head. What tadpoles? We don't have any tadpoles. Do we? I know, ask son number 2. He's very honest and would never tell fibs to his mum. Denial. Flat barefaced denial. Nobody mentioned tadpoles mum, you must have heard the tv. Hmm. Decided to try son number 1 who is capable of lying under the most severest interrogation, so really didn't hold out much hope there.

Please tell me darling children. Do you have any tadpoles in your room? No. If you did have any, I worry in case they tip over. No. If there were any, I wonder what they would eat. Bacteria in the water mum, dad said so. Aha, a crack in the defence. If there were any, they might become smelly. Silence. If there were any, I really wouldn't be cross, I would just like to know.

They're in the cupboard. WHAT?!!!! Tadpoles in the bloody cupboard? (I didn't swear. I kept calm). On opening the cupboard, I discovered a sweet jar with 3 very advanced tadpoles, nay, froglets, swimming happily round in the dark. Ooh look says honest son number 2 (honest did I say?) the torches have gone out. Torches? What torches? Turns out every torch in the house is in this cupboard and turned on - and every battery has run out - just in case the tadpoles didn't like the dark.

So I have spent a couple of hours this afternoon relocating them, finding a tank, some big stones and some food. They apparently have names - Ding is the one with just back legs, Dong is the one with back legs and small front legs and Dang is the one that looks about to make a bid for freedom at any minute. All 3 are in the photo - bottom left, look hard!

It was only this evening that I wondered how darling honest children had managed to get them from my neighbours pond into the sweet jar. I need to sieve some icing sugar for a cake, and seem unable to locate the sieve....


sharon said...

I'm laughing and laughing and laughing. It's like the bucket of water that somehow managed to get everywhere on my 19 month old.
Kids are fabulous don't you think?

picperfic said...

oooher...what a great story! I can tell you are amused, I know I am. Your family sounds gorgeous! I remember when i was a little girl, about 5, at school, sat listening to a story when all these little frogs started jumping out of their tank. It truly freaked me out. Or did I dream it?

kerrie said...

That is hillarious, I can't imagine our sweet little boys telling lies to you but how funny to open the cupboard and find a jar full of tadpoles. hee hee hee

kerrie said...

i meant your sweet little boys obviously. They are not mine!

Working Mom Knits said...

This is GREAT! And I especially like that they were thoughtful enough to provide a night light : )

ps: as an aside, I really like the colorful ceramic tiles - kitchen or bath?

Enid Danforth said...

Ohh MY!! I can see that happening here at my house soon!! What a smart kids you have there!! LOL!