Saturday, May 12, 2007

Harry Potter

Sorry, too tired to post yesterday. The week of late nights (well, 1am early mornings) and 6.30am mornings finally did me in. Fell asleep.
Look what I got yesterday though. Nothing can do justice to the Posh Yarn colours. It's Garden Party and is possibly Dee's best ever. Little flecks of buttercup yellow, bright green, clover and apricot. It was destined for someone else, but no way am I giving this one up! Mine, all mine...
And have you seen this book? It is fantastic. Completely bonkers with all references towards Harry Potter. The patterns are wonderful. I want a wizard cloak! Sadly too small for me, but I could always try and lose about 4 stone... There's Mrs Weasley's bag, her housecoat (not even I am brave enough to wear that one!) The invisibility shawl (Kerrie it's beautiful) all the sweaters and socks. Damn, but I want to knit something of everything! For me though the first thing to go on the needles will be the Phoenix tears scarf. Truly inspired. I love scarves, wear one every day.

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kerrie said...

oh, I havent seen a copy yet - please bring it next time I see you so that I can see all the patterns for real life.